Integrating ConvertKit and Voma

This guide will show you how to integrate ConvertKit and Voma and set up automations for your offers.

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How to integrate with ConvertKit

How to create automations

GDPR automations


How to integrate with ConvertKit


  1. Head over to the Integrations page in Voma, and click on New Integration:


  2. Click ConvertKit:


  3. Paste your API Key and API Secret from your ConvertKit account and click Add. (Click on the link provided to access these details in ConvertKit.)


Once you have integrated with ConvertKit, you will see the integration on the Integrations page.


How to create automations


When you're done integrating ConvertKit with your Voma account, you can set up automations in the OfferStack tab of your offer.



    1. Head to your offer's OfferStack tab, and click on Create an automation (or click on Click here to create a custom automation if the automation you want to create isn't listed on the screen).
    2. Set the Destination to ConvertKit.
    3. Specify the Action to take when the automation is triggered, then click create. Your automation will now be listed on your Automations page.


    🔗  Head over to this guide for more detailed information and a video about creating automations in Voma.


    Types of automations

    The type of automation determines what will trigger the automation to fire.

    • Optin: Triggered when someone submits your optin form
    • Abandon Cart: Triggered when someone abandons the cart
    • Purchase: Triggered when someone purchases the main product
    • Bonuses: Triggered when someone receives a bonus
    • Upsell: Triggered when someone purchases the upsell
    • Bump: Triggered when someone purchases the order bump
    • Cancel main product subscription: Triggered when someone cancels their subscription for the main product, if the main product is a subscription
    • Cancel upsell subscription: Triggered when someone cancels their subscription for the upsell, if the upsell is a subscription

    Possible actions

    The action is what will happen when an automation is fired.

    • Add a tag
    • Remove a tag
    • Add to sequence

    GDPR automations


    If you have integrated Voma with ConvertKit and enabled the GDPR checkbox on your offer, Voma will automatically apply tags to subscribers in ConvertKit in some cases:

    • If someone checks the GDPR checkbox when submitting the offer, add "Voma - GDPR consent" tag to ConvertKit 
    • If someone is in EU when submitting the offer, add "Voma - Customer in EU" tag to ConvertKit  


    ❔  If you have any questions, please let us know at or in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen.