Creating a Tripwire in OfferStacks

This guide will show you how to add a Tripwire deadline to your main offer.

Adding a tripwire deadline is a great way to increase the urgency for your visitors to purchase your offer. After your deadline expires, your timer will disappear and your offer will remain as is, unless you choose to redirect to another offer or external URL.



How to create a Tripwire


Head to the offer you want to enhance, and click on the OfferStack tab.


  1. Choose an OfferStack: 

    Select Tripwire and choose how long a new lead can access your special offer after they optin. 

  2. Create your Special Offer: 

    Add a discount, bonuses, or both to your offer. 
    • Discount: Choose the discount type (Percentage or Fixed) and type in the discount value.
    • Bonuses: Click on Add a new bonus and select the bonus you want to add to your special offer. You can add multiple bonuses.

  3. Select what happens after the deadline expires:
    • Remove bonuses and discount: Bonuses and discount will be removed after deadline.
    • Redirect to another offer: After deadline is reached, prospect will be redirected to another offer. Choose the other offer from the dropdown list.
    • Redirect to an external URL: After deadline is reached, the prospect will be redirected to the external URL you insert in the space provided.

  4. Set up Automations:

    You can create custom automations, or use the ones below to add tags:
    • Abandon Cart: Trigger automation when someone abandons the cart.
    • Purchase: Trigger automation when someone makes a purchase

    In this example, we used ActiveCampaign. (If you use another platform, it may look different.

🔎  Sneak Peek:


5.   Activate your Tripwire:
    • Toggle the on/off button to activate or deactivate your Tripwire.  
    • On this page, you’ll also find your public offer link.
    • Use the Clear Tracking link to clear tracking on your device and preview your offer the same way a new visitor would see it the first time.


🔎  Sneak Peek:


🔗  Next you can head over to Enhancing Offers to learn more about other ways to enhance your offers.




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