Using Google Pay & Apple Pay

This guide will explain how Google Pay and Apple Pay function as payment options for your offer.

Using Google Pay and Apple Pay in your offer are great ways to increase your conversions.

Both payment options will automatically appear when a user's device is connected to a digital wallet. Google and Apple Pay can be used for both one-time payments and subscriptions.



Apple Pay:

Open your offer in any browser from an Apple device that is connected to Apple Pay, and you'll see Apple Pay displayed as an available payment method. 

Google Pay:

Open your offer in any browser using Chrome or an Android device linked to Google Pay, and you'll find Google Pay listed as an available payment method.


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How it will appear in Stripe:

When a customer finalizes a transaction using Google Pay or Apple Pay, the transaction will be displayed in the Stripe payment record with the respective wallet logo.

How it will appear in Voma:

The Google Pay or Apple Pay transaction will show up as a Stripe payment in your Voma account. 



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