Import products and prices from Stripe

Importing your products and prices from Stripe makes them available to use in Voma payment pages.


Before you can import products and prices from Stripe, please verify:

Import your products and prices from Stripe

Go to the Products page in your Voma account and click on New Product:

Select Choose an existing product from Stripe and select your product from the drop-down menu:

Update the following fields about your product if needed:

  • Name - Internal name for your product
  • Title - Used if you want your customers to see a different name than what is in your Stripe account
  • Product Description - A description of your product for internal use
  • Tax Category - your Stripe tax category
Note- if you edit Name, Product Description, Tax Category, or Include tax in price, your product will also be updated in Stripe.

Finally, select the payment type and price of your product. This will be the default price of your product but it can be changed when creating your offer.

View your products in Stripe

Your product will now be viewable from the Products dashboard.

You can also click on the Stripe button below an imported product to open that product in Stripe:


If you have any questions, please let us know at or in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen