Connect your PayPal account to Voma

Connect, Create, and Import.
Written by Anthony Xiques
Updated 10 months ago

Log in to PayPal Developer

Go to and click Log in to Dashboard:

On the next page, log in with the PayPal account that you want to connect to Voma:

Copy sandbox API credentials

When you log in, check that Sandbox is selected, and click on Default App:

Copy the Client ID and Secret to a safe place - you'll these to connect to Voma in a later step.

Copy live API credentials

Return to the dashboard by clicking on My Apps & Credentials in the left sidebar, and then select Live and click on the name of your application:

Note that is is possible you may need to first click Create App, and then you can enter Voma as the app name:

Copy the Client ID and Secret to a safe place - you'll need these to connect to Voma in the next step.

Connect PayPal to Voma

Navigate to the Integrations page in your account, and click on New Integration:

Click PayPal:

Enter your sandbox and live API keys from the previous steps, and then click Add:

If you have any questions, please let us know at or in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen
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