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Add Google Tag Manager (GTM) to your payment pages

Manage third-party integrations using Google Tag Manager

Voma integrates with Google Tag Manager (GTM) to manage your third-party scripts and integrations.

Please follow the steps below to get started with Voma + Google Tag Manager.

1. Copy your container ID from Google Tag Manager

Log in to tagmanager.google.com and copy your container ID:

2. Add the GTM Integration in Voma

Head to the Integrations section and click New Integration:

Select Google Tag Manager:

Enter your GTM ID and click Add:

You'll now see your GTM integration in the Integrations section:

3. Verify that GTM is loading on your payment page

Use Google Tag Assistant to verify that GTM is loading on your payment page.

Google Tag Assistant will give you additional details about your Google Tag Manager Tags, Variables, and Data Layer, as well as any errors with your integration.

Please visit this guide for more details.


If you have any questions, please let us know at help@voma.ai or in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen