Customizing the LMS dashboard

This guide will show you how to customize the appearance of the LMS dashboard from where your customers will view and access their courses.

Customize the appearance of your LMS dashboard by adding and customizing a header, selecting a theme with specific fonts & colors, and adding a sidebar and footer with additional details or content.



How to customize your LMS Dashboard


Head to your Settings tab and click on LMS in your top menu. Here you’ll be able to customize your LMS header, theme, sidebar, and footer.


📑  Note: The default setting for your Header and Sidebar is Off, toggle the button to On if you want to add a header or sidebar.



To add a header, toggle the Off button to turn your header On

Customize the header of your LMS dashboard by uploading a background image (recommended dimensions are 1200x350) or selecting a background color.

Now add a headline and description (type your description under Content). You also have the option to choose your text color.


📑  Note: Click on Preview at the top of your page to view your LMS Dashboard. There are also links to preview the dashboard in every section from where you can view your customizations as you go. 


🔎  Sneak Peek:


In the Theme section, you can select your own primary and body text fonts and accent color to match your brand. 


To add a sidebar, toggle the Off button to turn your sidebar On

In the sidebar, you can display static content, links, and resources for your students in their dashboard. Use the rich text editor to add your sidebar content.


The last section is Footer, where you can add and customize the footer background color, text color, and content. 



❔  If you have any questions, please let us know at or in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen.