Creating and modifying discounts

This guide will show you how to create and manage discount codes for your customers to use.

Voma makes discounts easier to manage by incorporating a user-friendly Discount Codes feature. You can create discount codes, choose discount types, set the active date ranges & usage limits, and choose to apply discounts to all or only some of your offers. You can also pre-apply a discount to an Offer Page.


πŸ“‘  Note: Voma does not currently support 100% Discount Codes and the minimum amount on your offer should be $1


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How to create a new discount 

How to modify an existing discount 

How to pre-apply a discount to an Offer Page


How to create a new discount 

  1. Head to Discount Codes on your sidebar and click on New Discount Code.

  2. Complete the details of your discount:
    • Name - This is the internal name that will help you identify the discount.
    • Discount code - This is the discount code that your customers will use. 
    • Discount Type - Choose between a fixed amount or a percentage-based discount for this discount.
    • Amount - Choose the value of the fixed amount or percentage discount for this discount code.
    • Subscription Behavior - To activate or de-activate, toggle the Subscription Behaviour On/Off. If applicable, choose whether you want the discount applied to the first payment in a subscription only, or apply it to all payments in a subscription.
    • Dates - Choose the start date and end date for a discount.
    • Offers - Choose whether you want to make this discount available to all offers (default) or only some specific offers.
    • Usage limits - Choose whether this discount can be used an unlimited number of times (default) or whether it's limited to a specific number of uses. 

3.    As soon as you’re happy with your discount, click Save.


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How to modify an existing discount 

Head to Discount Codes on your sidebar and click on the discount you want to modify. Make the relevant changes to your discount and click Save.

Pre-apply a discount code to an Offer Page

You can also choose to pre-apply a discount code to an offer page. Just add the following to the payment page URL:  ?vcode=discount-code

As an example:

If your payment page URL is:

and your discount code is FIFTY, the URL you'll use will be:

You can then send your clients directly to this URL with the discount code where the discount will automatically be applied.


πŸ“‘  Note: Choosing to show the Discount Code field on your page is optional, pre-applying the discount code will still work regardless of whether it's enabled. 



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