Creating an Upsell

This guide will show you how to create an Upsell that you can add to your offer

An upsell is an additional offer that will be visible to people immediately after they purchase your offer. This means that everyone who views your upsell will have purchased the main product you are selling on the offer, and possibly also your order bump if you have an order bump enabled.


How to create an Upsell

How to add an Upsell to your offer


How to create an Upsell

  1. Head over to the Upsells tab and click on New Upsell.
    Upsell 1

  2. Customize the details of the upsell.
    Upsell 2
      • Upsell Name: Internal name - only you will see this name, not your customers. 
      • Product: Select the product that you will be offering as an upsell. (This can also be a bundled product.)
      • Payment Type: Select a one-time payment or subscription. Upsells does not currently support other payment types.
      • Price: Enter the price of the upsell product.
  3. As soon as you're done and save your upsell details, the Upsell Editor will open where you can click on different sections of your upsell to enhance it further. When you're done, click Save.

    You'll be able to customize the: 
    • Headline
    • Media
    • Description
    • Button text
    • Button and text color
    • Turn purchase confirmation on or off

Upsell 3

You can also click Upsell Settings to change the settings of your upsell. Upsell 4

Now, if you add your Upsell to an offer, your Upsell will be visible to people immediately after they purchase your offer:

Upsell 5

How to add an Upsell to your offer

Now you can add the Upsell to your offer as shown in this guide.

Firstly, you'll head to your offer in the Offers tab.

Upsell 6a

Then you'll add your Upsell by clicking on Upsell.

Upsell 6


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