Create products and prices in Stripe

Use best practices to model your business in Stripe.

This guide shows how to create products and prices in Stripe that can then be imported into Voma.

Another option is to Create products directly in Voma.

Create a product

Go to the Products page in your Stripe dashboard, and click Add Product:

Enter your product name and description at the top of the page:

Note that products should describe what is being offered (i.e. "Red marker" or "Silver plan"), not the cost or frequency (i.e. "$5", "$10/mo", or "$100/yr"). Products only define the name and description of what is being sold so that you can change how it is sold separately.

Then enter the price for that product and click Save Product:

If you have additional prices to add for the product, you can add those by following the instructions in the next section.

Create a price

Go to the Products page in your Stripe dashboard, and click on the product you want to edit:

On this page you will see any existing prices that you have defined for this product, and also have the option to Add another price:

In our example, the Product already has one price defined for a recurring payment of $197.

We'll go ahead and add a One time price option now:

When creating a new price, you need to select from the following options:

  • Pricing model - always use Standard pricing
  • Price
  • One time or Recurring
  • Billing period
  • Once you have created at least one product and price in Stripe, you can import your products and prices into Voma.

Note about legacy Stripe Plans API

Previously, recurring subscriptions in Stripe were defined using Plans.

Voma supports Products and Prices as well as the legacy Plans model, so if you still are using Plans in your Stripe account, you can still connect those Plans to Voma.

However, we encourage using Products and Prices for new objects that you create in your Stripe account moving forward. Additionally, if Voma creates any objects in your Stripe account, they will be created using Products and Prices.

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