Create an offer

Sell your products and services online with Voma.

After you have connected Voma to your Stripe account and created your first product in Stripe, then you can create an offer! 🎉

Create an offer in Voma with five simple steps:

  1. Set up your product and pricing
  2. Add a headline and a logo
  3. Enable a deadline and after-deadline action
  4. Add bonuses
  5. Set up automations

1. Set up your product and pricing

On the Product and Pricing tab, you will configure these basic details about your offer:

  • Offer Name
  • Offer Slug (i.e.
  • Thank you Page URL
  • Product
  • Price
  • Product Image


➡️ Learn more about product and pricing options in these guides.

2. Add a headline and a logo

In the Appearance section under Header, add a custom headline/description to the page:

Now select the Theme tab to upload your company's logo:

You'll see a live preview of your offer on the right side of the screen as you're making changes.

➡️ Learn more about appearance and customization options in this guide.

3. Enable a deadline and after-deadline action

In the OfferStack tab, go to Main Offer under the Deadline section.

Under Deadline Type, select the type of deadline you'd like to have. Then fill out the following fields and click Save:

  • Description- this is the text that will appear next to your deadline
  • Deadline length- how long your deadline will be
  • Unit of Time- minutes or seconds

➡️ Learn more about enabling deadlines for offers in this guide

To set up your offer's after-deadline action, click on After Deadline under the Deadline section.

You can choose one of the following after-deadline actions for your offer:

  • Redirect to a different offer (i.e. a higher-priced offer)
  • Redirect to an external URL (i.e. a wait list or expired page)
  • Remove the bonuses from the current offer

➡️ Learn more about enabling after-deadline actions for offers in this guide

4. Add bonuses

Go to the OfferStack tab and under Bonuses click Add your first bonus:

If you already have your bonuses added as a Product in Voma, select it from the drop-down menu. If not, select Create.

Fill out the following fields about your bonus:

  • Title - Name of your bonus.
  • Value  - the price you'd normally sell this bonus for.
  • Description - a short explanation of the bonus. This will be visible on your offer.
  • Thumbnail - this will appear next to the title. Recommended dimensions are 490x290

➡️ Learn more about adding bonuses to offers in this guide.

5. Set up automations

Voma supports a variety of triggers and actions for your offer, depending on your offer settings and which email platform (and/or Zapier) you have integrated with Voma.

These settings exist in the OfferStack section of your Offer.

Please visit the following guides for a list of the available triggers and actions for your platform:



If you have any questions, please let us know at or in our live chat at the bottom right of your screen